About Us

Limousine Service Houston is the leading luxury, corporate  transportation and Valet  management company in Houston, Texas by focusing on being the best of all aspects of the service industry.

Limousine Service Houston is a family owned and operated business in providing concierge, Valet Parking and Transportation services since 1994.

Our business philosophy is based on loyalty, integrity and reliability. We are dedicated to recognizing client’s needs and committed to providing quality service within our client’s budget at all times. Currently we are extending our services to some of the highly recognized Hotels. Luxury Condominiums, Hospitals and Clinics in and around Greater Houston areas.

Our Mission is to continue to be the leading Concierge, Valet Parking and Transportation service provider in Houston.

In doing so we will:

  • Ensure the lowest possible rate while guaranteeing above and beyond service.
  • Commit to excel your expectations in every aspect and build a reliable business

Partnership for years to come.

  • Create an enjoyable and safe working environment with a culture of excellence in communication, performance, teamwork, innovation and integrity.
  • Ensure that outstanding service turns our customer into advocates.
  • Excel in all forms of communication and relationship with our customers.
  • Develop, train, recognize and reward people that facilitate and encourage optimal performance.
  • Act in the interest of our customers
  • Act efficiently honestly and fairly at all times.
  • Continue to deliver the highest level of consistent high quality in all our services